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For over 25 years, Cintas Hawai'i has worked hard to be the premier supplier of uniforms and Custom Aloha Wear. With our local talented team of designers, manufacturers, and sales professionals striving to push the envelope on innovation and quality we have become the trusted provider of uniforms for numerous well-known brands throughout the islands.

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Custom Matting Solutions

Image and cleanliness start from the ground up. Cintas floor mat programs not only keep dirt outside your hotel, they also offer a unique branding opportunity.

  • Branded with your logo and placed for guests to see
  • Large sizes available for maximum coverage and impact
  • Broad offering includes scraper mats, runner mats, and anti-fatigue mats

Mat Information

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Custom Prints

With over 150 prints to choose from, we can find just what you need. Our fabrics offer excellent color retention, no shrinkage, moisture wicking properties, easy wash-and-wear care and soil release finish.


Installation Onsite Solutions

Give your employees the red carpet roll-out by having our Cintas Installation Team take care of it all, from unpacking boxes to tailoring garments. 


Uniform Room Management

Once your uniform program is launched, your Cintas Uniform Room Manager can continue to monitor uniform quality and cleaning, forecast demand and more.

Benefits of a Uniform Room:

  • Cost Savings: Decrease risk of lost or stolen items and damaged garments with a more efficient process.
  • Inventory Reduction: Accurate inventory system allows managers to make better long-term cost projections.
  • Enhanced Reporting Capabilities: Detailed reports allow management to make better decisions to reduce cost and minimize loss.